• Ethiopian Soccer Tournament Chicago 2009

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    Just about everywhere that Jose Mourinho moves to, he certainly is at the center of the spotlight and most of the time it’s not for reasons why the Portuguese coach would like to be. Back when he was in charge of Real Madrid, his story about him pocking the eye of Tito Vilanova was at the headlines of the Spanish press.

    This time around it seems like his relationship with Samuel Eto’o has deteriorated after Mourinho was reported to have criticized his forwards. Mourinho was unaware that he was being filmed and he thought that it was only a private and light-hearted conversation with the head of Hublot during a sponsor’s event and the former Real Madrid coach stated that the main problem which Chelsea has is that they lack scorer.

    I have Eto’o but he’s 32. Maybe 35, who knows?” Mourinho admitted.

    Some days later during the press conference of Chelsea’s Champions League match against Galatasaray, Mourinho described the story to be a disgrace.

    “I think you should be embarrassed as a media professional because, from an ethical point of view, I don’t think you should be happy not you, but a colleague is able to record a private conversation and make it public. You should all be a bit embarrassed because it’s against the ethics you have in your work. From an ethical point of view, it’s a real disgrace.”Mourinho told the media.

    Even with the negative comments that Mourinho stated concerning Eto’o, the former Barcelona player stated that he does not need to prove himself or display what he is capable of doing.

    “I am Samuel Eto’o, what can I say?” he told Sky Sports News after the Galatasaray match. If at 36 and 37 I can score three goals at Manchester United it means that I still have some juice and I can even score until I am 50. I do not have to explain anything. I triumphed with all the teams I played for, I’m the player I am and I want to help Chelsea to win a cup this season.”

  • Schools for Humanity Soccer in Ethiopia

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    South Africa were recently knocked out of the African Nations Championship after being defeated 3-1 by Nigeria. This is the competition meant for players playing in Africa. Nigeria are the champions for the African cup of nations that includes players from around the world. South Africa are expected to be one of the challenges for the title itself given that they have strong domestic league, but it failed to have any effect on the tournament after they were knocked out in the group stages itself. This has led to the comments from sports Minister Fikile Mbalula, who has branded the national team players as ‘a bunch of losers’.

    South Africa were in the group containing Nigeria, Mali, and Mozambique. Mbalula says that the defeat was not as a result of coaching problems, but because the players were just not good enough. He says that the mediocrity shown by the players is something that should never be seen again. Big things were expected from South African football after the nation hosted the 2010 World Cup, while also going to host the African nations cup in the process as well. However, it appears that the players have not developed as much as the facilities.

    South Africa will not play in this year’s edition of the World Cup after failing to qualify in a disappointing campaign.

    “What I saw was not a problem of coaching, it was a bunch of losers. That mediocrity that was displayed… we must never wake up to that again. Their performance was not even lacklustre, it was useless. We must go back to the drawing board. We indeed have a crisis of monumental proportions. We don’t have a crisis of talent, we have a crisis of putting everything together. I felt like just standing up and walking out (the stadium),” said Mbalula.

  • [NEW] Jacky Gosee and Nhatty Man Fim Esat [ Ethiopian Music Official Video 2013]

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  • Ethio – Europe Football Festival 2013 – Geneva Switzerland

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  • * The Official Welcome To Atlanta – Ethiopian Soccer Tournament Kick-Off Concert @ E.S.S.O *

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    England coach Roy Hodgson has said that he expects African teams to do well at the World Cup 2014. African football has shown a tremendous increase in quality over the last decade and it is time to take the African teams seriously at a major tournament according to Hodgson. The likes of Ivory Coast and Nigeria have been regarded as some of the strongest teams from Africa. They are expected to qualify for the World Cup quite comfortably despite having to be involved in a play-off.

    A total of five African teams will be present at the World Cup 2014. England could possibly play against one of them after having qualified for the tournament themselves. They have done so automatically after managing to win their group. The pressure on Hodgson has been lifted a little in recent weeks after his team has been performing in a brilliant way especially due to the form of players like Wayne Rooney. England will be taking on Germany in a friendly match just a few days after their defeat against Chile.

    Hodgson will also be at Craven cottage in order to watch Nigeria take on Italy in a friendly match. He was speaking ahead of the match. Nigeria recently won the African cup of nations to end a long trophy drought.

    “And there are many excellent African players out there now. They play in the top European leagues and that makes the African nations very strong. Nigeria have traditionally been one of the strongest, with some famous names in their team. Whoever is at the game on Monday night will see two very good teams and it will be an exciting outcome. Who knows, we may even see a little pointer for how things will go in Brazil,” said the former Liverpool and West Brom manager.

  • Ethiopia vs South Africa : 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifier – Full Time Game

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  • ESFNA Ethiopian soccer tournament 2013 DC

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